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We all seek to balance our life in a way that will allow us to complete our ongoing tasks and also have enough time to pursue our dreams and achieve our life goals. We try to squeeze in more and more each day but struggle with life-work-family obligations and tasks. This balance is hard to achieve and often our personal goals are what get pushed aside.
In creating the Great Minds Coaching Planner our aim was to design a professional tool for people with a busy life (like you) who want to find that balance, achieve their goals and go far.

Combined planner and online guidance

To keep our planner as lightweight as possible so you carry with you only the notebooks you need, we have created an integrated system of QR codes linked to our online Knowledge Centre. This way you can easily access all guidance and additional information simply by scanning the code with your smartphone.
Using the website as our guidance tool helps us to stay focused on our customers’ immediate needs and add information and support on request without the need to wait for the next edition.

For a quick grasp of the Coaching Planner methodology, you can either:
1. Scan the QR code on the relevant page to learn more.
2. Access our Knowledge Centre directly after creating your account.

Don’t forget to send us your feedback.  We are delighted to hear from you, and we are constantly adding and editing the information on our site, don’t forget to check in to find new knowledge articles, tips for improvement and downloadable gifts.

The Planner for busy people

We designed the GO FAR method to help you stay focused, prioritise your tasks and plan ahead. And most importantly, the GO FAR method is easy to use. Cause as busy people, we know that most of us don’t have the time or the energy to spend hours on reflation or therapy.
You want a powerful tool that will guide you moving forward, helping you focus on the important elements of your life.

One-stop-shop Tool

The Great Minds Coaching Planner will be your go-to-tool for managing your life and work, taking notes, capturing your ideas, tracking your well-being progress, reflection and creativity. One tool that you customise according to your needs.
Our Premium Softcover Binder can hold up to 5 of our books, so you can take as little as just your planner or a notebook or all your books together.

Writing not Typing

Recent research has shown that writing by hand is linked to our brain’s thinking process and differs from the process that occurs when typing. Writing by hand forces us to think about the information and go through a summary process (a process that when typing may be done mindlessly). Thinking about the information and quickly summarising helps us to create deeper connections in our brain and therefore be more committed to the desired end-result.
Writing, in fact, increases our chances of success.

Online support

Pursuing your dreams and progressing with your action plans to achieve your goals can be difficult and sometimes challenging, which means that you may default back to old habits, without a sustained focus on your target or without completing all your tasks on time.
To keep you on track our online support will provide you with tools to help you overcome these challenges, how to use guides for the different coaching tools and more information about the methodologies behind the Great Minds Coaching Planner.

Happy Journey,

Great Minds UK Creator