This step aims to reflect upon your current life to achieve a better understanding of which aspects you are happy with and which you would like to change, add or remove.

The Great Minds Coaching Planner includes 3 simple yet powerful tools for you to use. Each tool provides a different perspective on your life; helping you to identify the areas you would like to focus on and to develop your inspiring goals.

My Dreams – Long-term view

Use the dream table to write down all your dreams.We recommend using the table as an on-going tool that throughout the year adding new dreams as they evolve.

The Dream table is located in the back cover of your Weekly Planner.

You can use the Coaching Planner to reflect on your dreams and to help you find ways to make them a reality.

Write down everything, no matter how big or small your dreams are.You will be happy to find out that working towards achieving even one of your goals will fill you with energy in other aspects of your life.

Here are few reasons to motivate you to start developing your dreams.

  1. Following our dreams helps us feel alive and happy.
  2. Following your dreams will develop your willpower which canbe applied to other areas of your life.
  3. Following your dreams will help you develop your courage.
  4. You will be an inspiration to others.
  5. Following your dreams will help you to develop a GrowthMindset.
  6. Dreams can distract you from the negative events in life.
  7. Sometimes, A dream is strong enough to define you. Once accomplished, you prove to others, that you have meaning and purpose.They have no say in who you can and can’t be.
  8. And….because no one will pursue your dreams for you.

My Life Balance – Midterm Review

Use this tool to reflect on different aspects of your life and understand how satisfied you are with your current life balance.

My Life Balance is personal and varies for different individuals. What may be satisfying for you may not be for others, and you may even want to focus on areas that will not be significate to your friends or family.

You are the sole leader of your life, and we encourage you to form the right balance for you.

My Life Balance exercise will help you be more aware of your current life balance and plan how to create a more satisfying life for yourself.

In the Great Minds planner, we added 3 powerful questions to ask yourself after marking your life-balance at present. Here are some more questions to consider:

  1. Am I surprised with my score in the different areas?
  2. How do I feel as I am looking at my mapping?
  3. In which area(s) I would like to make changes?
  4. What changes do I need to do to achieve 100% satisfaction?
  5. What would 100% satisfaction in this area look like?
  6. Am I willing to commit to these changes?

If you chose one of the life-balance areas as your focus areas / Goals for the coming weeks – use the Great Minds Goal Setting guide to find methods and ideas on how to create your Inspiring Goal and Action Plan to achieve your desired balance.

My Now Days – Short term view

A simple tool used to reflect on the current happenings of your life to further understand how your days are occupied.

Write a list of all the main things you are dealing with at the moment

It is important to be as specific as possible, using no more than 5 words to describe each topic and making sure you review all aspects of your life.

Examples: project at work, buying a new sofa, my kid is starting a new school, a health issue of someone close.

The purpose of this exercise is to get a list of all the different aspects of your life and to find out if any of them are areas that you would like to develop or change and are worth thinking through in a structured way.

Make sure you cover all relevant aspects of your life, such as:

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Relationships
  4. Social life
  5. Work/career
  6. Education
  7. Personal Growth
  8. Health
  9. Finance
  10. Income
  11. Wellbeing & sports
  12. Emotional life Hobbies
  13. Creativity
  14. Living environment
  15. Community

Once completed reread your list and mark items you would consider setting as a personal goal.Mark YES  or NO in the relevant column.

While reviewing your list, ask yourself:

  • Do I feel that I am progressing with this as I wish?
  • Do I already have a plan in place that is working for me?
  • Is this item about to end soon?

If your answers to these questions are YES, then you probably DON’T need to create a personal goal for this item. But if your answer is NO then you may want to consider “promoting” this issue to become a personal goal. Mark the item as YES, and you will use it in the next part: Create Your Inspiring Goals.

Choose topics that will turn into Goals and Action Plan:

Please review your answers for the “My Life balance” and “MyNowdays” exercises and your Dreams list and choose 1-3 topics that you would like to turn into Goals and Action Plan.

Write a list of all the main things you are dealing with at the moment

We advise that you focus on items which:

  • Will have a positive impact on your life
  • Are important to you
  • Take more than one action to achieve ( you need to build  a plan)

Its best to create a list of no more than 3 items since you want to make sure you have the time  and resources to invest in your goal and make it happen.

Remember that you are adding your new Goal(s) and their action plan to your already busy life! But don’t worry if you cant capture everything on the first go.Start with the most  important topic and every 3 months you can revise your list and update it if needed.