When creating the Great Minds Coaching Planner / Go Far methodology we aimed to design a professional tool for people with busy life (like you) who want to manage their life better.
The Go Far methodology is unique being modular and flexible. You have the ability to adjust the tools you are using according to your needs.

  • Choose to use the coaching planner as powerful tool to manage your day-to-day tasks
  • Add inspiring personal goals and develop your life in new directions, using the Go Far methodology.
  • If you live a dynamic life, like most of us, you will probably combine the two. In some weeks you will have time to progress with your personal goals, and in others, you will put your personal goals on hold while focusing your energy in other areas like work, family or study.

When using the Go Far methodology, you will plan ahead for each week and determine what your main focus areas are for the week. Take into consideration all aspects of your life including your capacity to progress with your personal goals on top of your other tasks and duties.

1. Explore Your Current Life

In the first stage, you will reflect upon your current life to achieve a better understanding of which aspects you are happy with and which you would like to change, add or remove.

We provided 3 simple tools to help you exploring and reflecting:

  • My Dreams – Long-term view
  • My Life Balance – Mid-term view
  • My Nowadays – Short term view

Each tool provides a different perspective on your life; helping you to identify the areas you would like to focus on and to develop your inspiring goals.

Once reflecting upon your life with these 3 tools you have the option to create your personal goals for the coming year (or months).  Creating your goals can be done at any time, using the GO FAR GOAL SETTING GUIDE, which will help you form your goal and its action plan

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2. Create Your Inspiring Goals

If you’ve decided to set yourself inspiring personal goals, identify 1-3 topics you would like to focus on (using the information you gathered about your life in the explore stage).

Once you have chosen your topic(s) use the Goal Setting Guide to define your specific Goals, Strategies and an Action Plan for each topic.

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The Go Far Method

Our Goal Setting Methodology has 4 steps:

3. Manage Your Weeks

The Great Minds Coaching Planner was designed to help you manage your weeks. Keeping you focused on daily tasks as well as developing yourself and progressing with your personal goals and dreams.

The planner is built in weekly cycles – we learned that week is the optimum time unit to plan and manage your life and several recent researches have supported this.

Our life, in the modern area, is built in weekly cycles with weekly routines, tasks, meetings and duties.
Having a prioritised weekly list of tasks that you are committed to doing but with the flexibility of when to do it (during that given week), will increase the chances of accomplishing tasks. While still having the space to be spontaneous and available for unexpected events. (YES, it is more productive than working on a strict daily plan since it less time consuming and you don’t feel the constant guilt when your daily plan was not 100% successful).

The GO FAR method will help you to be organised, prioritise your task and projects, help you focus on the most important items and help you motivate yourself when needed. While enjoying your days and feeling good with your achievements.

Many of us take the time, during the weekend, to reflect on the passing week and plan ahead for the next, even if we are doing it intuitively or unconsciously without a method or structured tools.

Planning > Doing > Reflecting

3 steps to manage your weeks:


We advise you to begin (or end) each week by planning the next one.
Planning ahead will help you stay focused on your personal development, projects and ongoing tasks.
Take the time to review your quarterly goals, open tasks, TO-DO lists and last week’s planner. Add relevant items to the new weeks’ planning page.

Don’t forget to add your intentions – these are your primary targets for the coming week.
Notes like “spend Wednesday afternoon with my kids”, “finish the article” or “talk to my boss about my project” will help you focus on your most important tasks and how to achieve them.


Use the “Doing” Planner pages to support and guide you on the go with a dedicated section for each day and a place just for notes. The weekly to-do list was added in order to help you track tasks you do weekly (like groceries, exercise at the gym, weekly club).

Start the day with your most important tasks – this will help to make sure you will achieve your personal targets.

Tip: if your day involves email correspondences – try to leave your mailbox for the first 2 hours of your day and use the time to focus on your most important tasks first. You will be amazed to see the progress you can achieve in these 2 hours and their impact on your day.


In the Weekly Check-In, you will find questions to help you reflect on the past week, review your actions and learn from them.

Research has shown that taking the time to reflect on your past week in a structured manner will help you to set more accurate targets for yourself, making you more focused on your goals and increase your chances of achieving them. We think that’s reason enough to invest some time in it, don’t you?