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The place to better manage your personal goals, empower your creativity and gain control over your day to day tasksWe all want to balance our lives in a way that will allow us to complete our everyday tasks but also have enough time to pursue our dreams and achieve our life goals.

In creating Great Minds and the GO FAR methodology we aimed to design a professional tool for people with a busy life (like you) who want to manage their time better.

The GO FAR methodology is uniquely modular and flexible. You have the ability to adjust the tool you are using to suit your particular needs.

The Coaching Planner will help you to think big and build an inspiring vision for the future with a concrete and tangible action plan. You will find the space to get creative and design your future dreams, and also a simple organised method to manage your ongoing tasks.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself”
G B Shaw.

The Coaching Planner system has 3 steps:

  1.   Explore your current life
  2.   Create your inspiring goals
  3.   Manage your weeks

The GO FAR Method

Creating inspiring Goals is a powerful process that will help you reflect on your chosen topics, define your goals and their action plan.

You’ll be working on:

Your Goal – defining your goal.

Your Present – understand your current situation and how far you are from your goal.

Your Plan – what are the challenges standing in your way and what are your options?

Your Way – Define the actions you will take to pave your way to reach your goals.

Use our online Knowledge Centre to learn more about the GO FAR Method, and to gain tips to help you achieve your goals. We add new information every week!

We hope you will find the GO FAR method easy to use, fun and rewarding.
We are excited to have you onboard and wish you an inspiring and fulfilling year.

Happy Journey!


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