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The Coaching Planner System

We all seek balance in our life which will allow us to complete daily tasks and still have time to pursue our dreams and achieve life goals.
As we try to squeeze more and more into everyday, that balance becomes harder to find and it is often our personal goals which are sidelined.

In creating the Great Minds Self Journal / Planner our aim was to design a professional tool for people with a busy life (like you) who want to find that balance, achieve their goals and go far.

The easy to follow GO FAR method will help you prioritise your tasks and plan ahead. A powerful tool that will guide you moving forward, helping you focus on the important elements of your life.

The Great Minds Coaching Planner is a modular system of notebooks and planners made in the UK with the highest quality materials. Designed for people on-the-go, our lightweight Binder can go with you everywhere and can hold from 1 to 5 books at a time.

Combined Planner
and Online Guidance

To keep our planner as lightweight as possible so you carry with you only the notebooks you need, we have created an integrated system of QR codes linked to our online Knowledge Centre. This way you can easily access all guidance and additional information simply by scanning the codes with your smartphone and you will be directed to the information you need.

For a quick grasp of the Coaching Planner methodology, you can:
1. Scan the QR code on the relevant page to learn more.
2. Access our Knowledge Centre directly after creating your account.

Visit the Knowledge Centre
Visit the Knowledge Centre

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